Free Website Crawlability Check

Our free website crawlability check tool allows you to check whether your website is good to go for search bots for indexing or not.

Search engine crawlers first check robots.txt and then crawl the website accordingly. Sometimes by human mistakes, if robots.txt is misconfigured then it will affect website ranking.

That’s why it is good practice to check whether your website is crawlable or not before doing SEO on the website.

Check Your Website Crawlability for Free

Understanding results generated by our website crawl check tool.

When you enter your website URL and press “SUBMIT” you will get a crawlability report like below.

Check Website Crawlable or Not

Now in this report you can see that we first check your robots.txt file and then analyze it for both Google and Bing popular search engines.

You will get information about both the crawl rule and index rule for Google and Bing.

If all is good then it will show crawlable and indexable “✓”. This means your website’s robots.txt is configured properly. If it is not shown correctly please correct your robots.txt to get the best results for SEO.

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