MOZ Domain Authority Check Free Tool and Page Authority Checker (DA PA Checker)

Domain Authority (DA) is well well-known SEO factor developed by MOZ. It determines your website’s domain authenticity based on some SEO parameters and gives a score of 1-100.

So by using our free domain authority checker, you can estimate your moz DA.

Page Authority – PA was developed by Moz. It determines how your webpage is perfectly related to SEO standard practices.

A website’s page authority depends on the number of backlinks to the page, quality content, and best on-page SEO optimization for particular page.

Interpreting Your Page Authority Score

  • 0-20: A web page with limited influence and visibility.
  • 21-30: A page with potential but room for improvement.
  • 31-40: A moderately influential page.
  • 41-50: A page that has gained some authority and visibility.
  • 51-60: A strong and authoritative web page within its niche.
  • 61-70: An influential page with substantial impact.
  • 71-80: A page that holds significant authority and often ranks well.
  • 81-90: A highly authoritative page, frequently considered an industry leader.
  • 91-100: Exceptionally powerful and influential pages that dominate their niche.

Interpreting Your Domain Authority Score

  • 0-20: A new or recently established website.
  • 21-30: A website that’s gaining some traction but still has room for improvement.
  • 31-40: A moderately influential website.
  • 41-50: A website with a decent online presence.
  • 51-60: A website that holds significant authority in its niche.
  • 61-70: A highly authoritative website with substantial influence.
  • 71-80: A website with exceptional domain authority, often considered an industry leader.
  • 81-90: Extremely powerful and influential websites that dominate their niche.
  • 91-100: Rare and reserved for the most globally recognized websites.

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