Explore 15+ Free SEO Tools

In today’s digital marketing world, it is hard to stay competitive. Everyone has websites and applications, but only 1-2% will take organic search traffic. We made different free SEO tools for better SEO rankings and website traffic.

Read this 5-minute blog, and you have a detailed overview of using these free SEO tools for maximum benefits. Stay competitive using these tools and get valuable, relevant organic traffic to your website.

Discover Free SEO Tools for Your SEO Needs

SEO greatly benefits any business’s digital marketing strategy by attracting new visitors. As a result, we get more sales and leads for free.

SEO is more than just an easy task. It requires lots of knowledge and skills with proper planning. SEO has many factors, like improving on-page SEO, technical errors, and off-page SEO tasks.

These require many SEO tools for rapid work and results. In the digital world, many other paid tools have the same functionalities. We made free tools so you can take benefits for your SEO campaign. Let’s explore each tool one by one.

1. Bing SERP Checker Tool

Our Bing SERP Checker Tool observes website rankings on search engine results pages. You can get brief information about keyword positions and make decisions for SEO strategy.

Other relevant checkers like Ahref’s, BrightLocal’s LocalSERP, or Moz Local Business Listing are also beneficial for monitoring online progress across multiple search engines to develop a successful long-term approach.

2. Sitemap Checker Tool

Search engines need well-structured sitemaps to crawl and index websites. The Sitemap Checker Tool evaluates if your sitemap’s format is correct.

Search crawlers use sitemap to check content on different URLs, broken links, duplicate contents, etc. So, it becomes necessary to check that the sitemap is configured correctly. 

3. Check Website Crawlability SEO Tool

Website crawlability means a website’s URLs are easily discoverable by a search crawler without errors. You can use our free website crawlability checker tool to check whether the website has crawler issues.

Our tool checks the robots.txt file and the sitemap to identify crawling issues. This tool works for both Google and Bing search engines.

 4. DA PA Checker

To optimize your SEO strategy and boost search engine rankings, it’s essential to prioritize domains with the highest authority when performing link-building activities. 

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are two metrics that measure a website’s potential for ranking in search results. 

We have made a free DA PA checker tool to check any website’s domain or page authority for the best link-building strategy.

5. Free Backlinks Checker

Monitoring your website’s backlink profile can significantly improve search engine visibility. Our Free Backlinks Checker Tool helps you identify good backlinks and potentially harmful links that should be eliminated for the best link-building approach. 

Backlinks monitoring can help you to identify broken links and spam backlinks; you can then disallow them into google search console.

Backlink checker tools are also used to check competitor backlinks and identify backlink gaps in your website.

6. Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is an excellent practice for identifying what people are searching for frequently. This can be a game-changer task for website visibility improvement.

You can also check which keyword your competitor uses for the same niche or service. Our keyword research tool gives detailed information like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC (cost per click), etc.

7. Free Website Speed Test Checker

Regular website loading speed checks are essential to ensure user experience and search engine rankings.

Our Free Website Speed Test Checker evaluates performance, provides suggestions for optimization, and ultimately improves page speed as well as the visibility of your site in search engines. 

Regularly checking up on one’s web pages will improve overall results for users and crawlers!

8. Http Https Header Checker

HTTP headers are essential when it comes to server-client communication. Using the HTTP HTTP Header Checker, we can identify potential issues and ensure our HTTP setup is configured correctly for search engine crawling.

Our tool will help you track redirects and see information about caching and IP addresses to ensure users have an optimal experience while making your website more visible on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). With regular monitoring & optimizing of HTTP Headers, you can boost its performance significantly!

9. Indexed Pages Checker Tool

With the Indexed Pages Checker Tool, you’ll have a clear idea of how many web pages are indexed by search engines such as Google Search Console. Continual monitoring and fixing any issues with indexing can lead to improved ranking.

Our indexed page checker tools allow you to check how many URLs are indexed by search engines. According to that, you can correct some on-page errors and improve good URL count.

10. Internal External Link Checker

It is important to ensure an optimal ratio of internal and external links, which the Internal External Link Checker can help you with. 

This tool analyzes your website’s linking structure for easy navigation and offers visitors valuable information. 

11. Keyword Density Checker

Keeping your keyword density in check is essential to search engine optimization. The Keyword Density Checker evaluates the frequency of keywords used on a web page so that optimal utilization for SEO can be achieved. 

Regularly assessing and modifying your word density helps ensure that Google will take notice to provide better exposure through its results pages and drive more organic traffic toward it.

12. keyword difficulty checker

Finding the right keywords to target is important in developing a successful SEO strategy. The Keyword Difficulty Checker can calculate how competitive specific phrases are, allowing you to identify more advantageous terms that could increase organic traffic and better search engine placements.

13. Meta Tag Checker

Meta tags are essential for providing search engines with the required data about your web pages. A practical Meta Tag Checker can analyze and optimize meta tags, which helps boost visibility and rankings on various search engine platforms. 

14. Mobile-Friendly Test

With an increasing number of people surfing the web via their phones, having a mobile-friendly website is essential. You can run tests on our mobile-friendly checker tool to ensure your site meets that requirement. 

Monitoring and optimising your page regularly is essential to remain accessible from any device. This could lead to greater search engine visibility and smoother browsing performance.

15. Robots txt Tester

A correctly configured robots.txt file is essential to a website’s search engine optimization success. The Robots Txt Tester verifies its accuracy and ensures that search engines correctly crawl all your pages. 

16. Top Referrers Checker Tool

Understanding the most popular websites that refer to your web page can be advantageous for forming potential partnerships and link-building strategies.

 The Top Referrers Checker Tool inspects all links directing users toward your website to identify these top referring sources. 

17. Top Search Keywords Tool

Using the most relevant search terms about your industry is essential for effective content creation and optimization strategies.

 To determine what phrases are widely searched, using a Top Search Keywords Tool can be helpful. 

It helps you create material that resonates with your target audience while boosting visibility on search engine rankings. 

18. Google SERP Checker Tool

Monitoring your website’s performance on various Google SERPs is necessary for successful search engine optimisation. The Google SERP Checker Tool can help you track and analyze rankings and potential untapped opportunities.