Internal External Link Checker Tool Free

This tool helps you to identify total internal or external links on the webpage. Links on the webpage play a major role in fast indexing and good SEO results.

With the help of our free internal external link checker tool, you can have a brief idea of all URLs that are within the website or linked to an external website.

If you see any unwanted or bad broken links then you can fix them and improve your website SEO.

Why do we have to check the internal and external links of the website?

Internal Links: 

  1. Navigation: Internal links help users navigate your website and find related content.
  2. SEO: They distribute link equity throughout your site, improving SEO rankings.
  3. Indexing: Internal links facilitate the indexing of your web pages by search engines.

External Links:

  1. Credibility: External links to authoritative sources enhance the credibility of your content.
  2. Relevance: They provide additional information and resources to your audience.
  3. SEO: Appropriate external links can improve your site’s SEO by demonstrating your content’s reliability.

How to use our internal-external link checker tool?

  1. Enter Your Website URL: Input the URL of the website you want to check for internal and external links.
  2. Click ‘Submit’: Hit the ‘Submit’ button, and our tool will analyze the links as per your selection.
  3. Receive a Link Report: Within moments, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that lists the internal or external links, including link text and destination URLs.

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