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Link Building : A Best Guide for Beginners to Start

What is Link Building?

 Link building is a process in that other websites gives hyperlinks to your website. Link building is a way to increase the search engine visibility of a website. It plays a major role in successful SEO. In this article, we will give all information about Link building, its process, benefits, importance and advanced backlink strategies. 

Link building complete guide for beginners

For example, if you are a fashion blogger and create quality content related to what’s trending in fashion? Now if someone finds that this content is more helpful for their website users, then they will link it and give you a hyperlink or backlink. This is a simple example to understand link building.

What is link building

Why is Link Building Important?

Google introduced different SEO algorithms from time to time and gives page rank for each website that appears in search results. A website with the highest PageRank will rank number one in search results.

Google determine page rank on the basis of many factors like quality content, site structure, user experience and also backlinks.

So with quality content, If you have good and relevant backlinks, then it has a higher chance to improve your PageRank and rank in a higher position.

Link building also improves website credibility, authority, and trust. With the help of good quality backlinks, you can get referral traffic also. 

So if you want to get a higher position in the search results, then link-building will be the most important thing.

Why is Link Building Important?

Is Link Building Required for Good SEO?

So the answer is Yes. Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to determine how to rank websites in their search results. One significant factor that they consider is the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website.

When a website has a large number of high-quality backlinks, it tells search engines about the trust and authority of a website. This means that your website is likely to provide valuable content and, therefore, should be ranked higher in search engine results.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks tell Google crawlers to follow further to website’s content to a given URL. Dofollow backlinks transfer link juice from the source to the target website.

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks with attribute rel=”nofollow” are called nofollow links. These types of links tell search crawlers not to further go for linked websites. Nofollow backlinks don’t transfer any content juice or link juice to the target website but are good to increase website referral traffic, authority and trust.

Different Process of Link Building

  1. Natural Links Process

     If you get backlinks without any human effort, it’s called natural link building.

    For example, Amazon has millions of products available. Now a blogger finds an excellent product on Amazon, it will link to their content and gives a hyperlink to Amazon. In this scenario, Amazon didn’t ask for a backlink even though it gets backlinks.

  2. Manual Process Built Links:

     When a website owner asks other website owners for links, outreach for a guest post or creates some content on their websites to get hyperlinks, it is manually built links. 

Different types of backlinks

  1. Guest Post Links

    When you write an article or submit a blog post to other websites, links obtain from this guest blogging called guest post links.

  2. .EDU Backlinks

    Hyperlinks from .edu domains or educational websites called .EDU backlinks. This type of link has high authority.

  3. PDF and PPT Submissions link

    These links obtain from media assets like pdf or ppt documents. For example, submitting a pdf on Slideshare will generate PDF or PPT submission link.  Note that your document should contain hyperlinks.

  4. Comment Backlinks

    Writting comments, submitting reviews or answering questions on different websites will generate comment backlinks. Answer the public questions on Quora will give comment backlinks

  5. Redirect Links

    When website A gives a link to website B when some user or Google crawler follows that link, website B redirects with status code 3xx to website C is called a redirect link. To increase moz da or Ahrefs DR these types of links are used.

  6. Profile Backlinks

    When you list your website link into business listing directories or create your company profile on other websites is called profile backlinks.

  7. Wiki Backlinks

    When you submit any information or change any details in Wikipedia then it gives wiki backlinks.

  8. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    These types of links generated from subdomains are called web 2.0 backlinks.

  9. Sponsored Backlinks

    When a link contains an HTML attribute rel=”sponsored” is called a sponsored link. When you advertise on other websites this type of backlinks is generated.

  10. Contextual Backlinks

    A hyperlink from anchor text with suitable content is called a contextual backlink. This is similar to guest post links.

Now you have general information on backlinks or link building. Further, we discuss some strategy how to create backlinks or create quality links.

Different Useful Link-Building Strategies

According to my experience first do not start with the link-building process, else start to analyze your website content. In SEO terms On page or Technical SEO.

If you build millions of backlinks but your website’s content is not good enough to provide valuable information there is no effect of backlinks.

So if you have not done on-page SEO properly do it first. We have prepared a complete guide about on-page SEO. Follow the steps and guidelines and make your website’s on-page SEO perfect.

If you have done your on-page SEO correctly, Congratulations! you have done 50% of the search engine optimization of your website. Now let’s talk about another half part of link building or off-page SEO.

1) Guest Blogging

“The best way” to rank on Google, is when you create quality content on other websites you transfer the link juice of other websites towards your website.

Another benefit is to generate quality referral traffic also. Keep in mind first you identify the best relevant blog sites according to your website niche.

Now, you have a question “How can I perfect a website to do guest blogging?” or “Should I need any tools or pay for it?”

The answer is – you can easily find guest blogging sites with simple and free tricks. Just go to Google and search like “site: <website niche> blog” or “site: write for us <website niche here>”.

find guest blogging sites

you will get results like

find best guest blogging sites

Another way is to find the contact email of the site owner and mail them for guest posts. You can search on Google for “different outreach email template” or “guest blogging email template” for free.

2) Broken Link Building

This is the second best way to build links. Identify relevant websites to your niche. Identify articles or posts that have broken pages or links. In technical terms, after clicking on the link there is 4XX or 400 HTTP error. To find a broken link you can use a free tool available on Google. We recommended a broken link checker. since it is free and very correct for results.

broken link checker

This will check all broken links that any website has.

broken link checker

Tell the website owner about broken links, and write suitable content for that broken article. Ask the website owner to link your content and replace that broken link. They will definitely link to your content because Google doesn’t like 400 or any 4xx errors.

As a result, you will get quality links to your websites.

3)Infographics Link Building

Make some useful and relevant graphics and share them with other websites. Before that research topic makes useful information that can elaborate via graphics or visual content.  You can use free tools like Canva

4)Build a Tool or Calculator

This is a free and best way to create quality backlinks organically. If you give some handy tool like a price calculator or estimation tool this will help people to identify budgets.

After creating a tool embedded on your own website. People regularly use it and after some time if it is a great tool then someone definitely mentions it on their websites.

For example, Neil patel made ubersugeest – some features he provide for free. So it is a great way to link building with quality.

5) Profile Creation or List Your Website

Search on Google for “Best Listing Website” or “Best Listing platform or marketplace” – In the results, you will get relevant websites to create profile links or comment links.

Generally, this website has high Domain authority (DA). For example “real estate listing websites in the USA” will give a website suggestion of “” a real estate listing website. Now create a company profile on it and get backlinks.

6) Paid Advertising or Promotion of the Website

When you run Google, Facebook ads or any other advertising campaign you create brand awareness of your website. People will start sharing your content on social media or Google. That will create links. This is not an ideal choice for everyone since it requires a massive amount of budget for Ads.

Although it proven technique for link-building.

7) Create Amazing Content and Share it on Social Media

Everyone is active on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Now if you create and share relevant and useful content there are higher chances that people will start to engage with it and share it.

As a result, you will get organic backlinks or links from people. This is a natural way to generate links.

With this method, you can definitely get the best referral traffic.

I hope you will love this article and start optimising your off-page SEO and get the best results. If you want me to handle your link-building campaign please feel free to ask us. Our team will help you to build a successful link-building campaign. Thank you for Reading!

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