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Link Building : A Best Guide for Website Traffic Improvement

Welcome to the most exciting and helpful link-building guide. I am Khushbu Patel, writing head of and expert SEO professional. 

You may be here to learn how to grow website traffic significantly. I will cover all basic to advanced topics for link building to improve your website traffic and keyword positions in search engines.

I have seen many comments from users on many websites looking for link-building. And read many articles about link-building guides.

The majority of all link-building guides are informational, not practical. Nobody tells the actual way for a new website to rank in minimum budget. 

You will have descriptive knowledge from other guides but still need help to build backlinks. I will tell you how to do link-building authentically and ethically.

As a website owner, sometimes you have questions – can backlinks improve my website traffic? Is it true that high numbers of backlinks on a website have more traffic? How do I start creating backlinks for my new website? What will be the cost for link building or backlinks? How many backlinks do I need to rank a website? 

We will cover all these questions in our detailed link-building guide. Let’s get a deep dive into actual link building.

What is Link-building, and why do we need link-building for good ranking?

First, the real meaning of link-building is To promote a website ethically to make people aware of your product, service, or knowledge and skills.

link building guide

We all know that link building is a link between two websites, but how are these links built?

Link building can done in two ways

  1. Manually – Website owners paid for links or created backlinks themselves. 
  2. Organically – People will share or promote your quality content on their websites for free.

For example, 

Apple announces a new iPhone, and will get backlinks automatically from news websites, YouTubers, technology bloggers, etc. 

In this scenario, got thousands of good quality backlinks from people. This happens due to brand awareness and the popularity of Apple.

So, how can you get these backlinks to your new website? 

Before diving into the manual link-building approach, we will discuss why we need backlinks. And its importance.

Why do we need backlinks to rank a website? What is the essence of link building? 

Importance of link building

It is straightforward to understand the importance of backlinks. 

Let me ask you one question: what is the main aim of digital marketing or SEO? 

The answer is connectivity. Connectivity between users and our product or services. 

So, link building creates connectivity between two websites, which means people can connect to our website with the help of links. 

Suppose you sell different types of lights for home decoration in New Jersey. And some famous interior designers post your website link to his/her website because you have a good collection of lamps. 

Then, you will get referral traffic because of link building. 

Google and other search engines also notice this link juice between a trusted interior designer’s website and your light’s website. 

And will start improving your keywords related to “best lamps for a home in New Jersey” or “Best lights for home decor in New Jersey.” 

So, link-building can build trust awareness and improve connectivity to your website. So, building or achieving links becomes important.

Now you have an idea about link building importance, but still, the same question you have: how to get these authoritative backlinks? Now, we will discuss building links for the new website using a manual approach.

Build Backlinks for the New Website with the best-proven approach manually.

best approach of link building

For a new website, I recommended the following things to do first before starting the building process manually.

  1. Create proper website design and structure.
  2. Website speed must be higher.
  3. The website has responsiveness for the best user experience on mobile devices.
  4. Complete all on-page SEO tasks as per search engine guidelines. You can check your on-page SEO with our excellent free tool.
  5. The website must have quality content. I recommended not using direct content from ChatGPT or other AI writing platforms. You can use ChatGPT for research purposes but not for content writing.
  6. Make unique content, not plagiarised content.
  7. Make proper images and videos related to your product, services, or blog topic.
  8. Make sure the website has no 4xx or 5xx errors. You can check it with our website status checker tool.
  9. Remove irrelevant or dummy content from the website. 
  10. Use proper security plugins for the website.

Once you follow all the steps, start link building for the best results. Follow the above steps to ensure your website can rank in search engines.

You can start link building the first step – signing up on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other business directory website.

profile link building

Now, complete your profile on these social media websites or business directories with all your products and service details. 

These will generate backlinks to your website and are an excellent sign to connect people faster.

Social media and business directories have millions of traffic to their website. People may notice your product on them. Search bots also consider these backlinks. 

These backlinks are called profile backlinks or foundation links. You will start seeing external links in the Google search console.

The main aim behind these links is to build a base for your business branding.

Regularly posting exciting and unique content on these websites will help you to grab user attention faster. 

Now, you may have a question about how many profile or foundation backlinks I should have to create every day. 

According to my experience, 4-5 profile links per day for the first three months is excellent practice initially. 

It may vary according to the competition of your business or product niche.

The second step is to submit guest posts on different blog websites.

guest posting

You can submit guest posts on different websites for free, or sometimes, many websites will charge to promote your content.
It is your choice; you can find some free websites or pay for guest posting. 

Initially, the free method is the best for guest posting. 

Now, you have a question: “How can I find a perfect website for guest blogging?”

The answer is – you can easily find guest blogging sites with simple and free tricks. Just go to Google and search like “site: <website niche> blog” or “site: write for us <website niche here>”.

find guest blogging sites

You will get results like

find best guest blogging sites

Another way is to find the contact email of the site owner and mail them for guest posts. You can search on Google for “different outreach email template” or “guest blogging email template” for free.

Guest posts from relevant sites will help you to rank faster in search engines.

 If you need help finding relevant websites for guest posting, I will help you. Contact me and start your link-building.

Another main benefit of guest posting is referral traffic, and placing your good quality content on relevant and high-traffic websites will boost your ranking. Sometimes, you may have to pay some bucks for good websites.

Average Cost Of Guest Posting 

Guest posting service will cost 25 to 500$, or sometimes, for heavy traffic websites, it goes up to 1000$+. But for budget-friendly guest posting, we can do it for an average of 25 to 50$ per guest posting. Also, we create good-quality content for you.

Guest posting backlinks will index faster because Google crawlers frequently visit high-authority websites to find new quality content. This may help you to increase website visibility faster and keyword position improvement. 

I will also share some free website lists for guest posting in my upcoming blogs.

For guest posting per week, one guest post will be an ideal choice. You can continue this process for 6-12 months until you get your desired SEO results.

The third Step for Fast Ranking is to Build a Tool or Calculator according to your business.

link building strategy

This is my favourite way to create backlinks for free.

 By creating some tools or calculators, you can improve website visibility without making backlinks.

People will include your tool or calculator link in their content, and this way; you will get tons of backlinks for free.

For example, if you have a cake shop website – you can create a cost calculator for custom cake making. Give different options in tools and accordingly change the price of cake. 

 For the stock market blog website, you can create a cost calculator or tool for best-performing stocks last month with some cool filters. This will improve your website engagement rate also.

If you want to know how to create tools on the website or which tool I should have to make, we will create a different blog for that.

The fourth step is comment backlinks.  

Comment backlinks can built with social forums or discussion platforms, and this will generate both dofollow and nofollow backlinks. 

When users are looking for some answer to their questions, comment backlinks will used. 

For example, if one is looking for the best food for pets on Quora, then you will get many answers with their website links. 

comment backlink building

comment backlinks

Look at the above comment, which has the anchor text “The Ultimate Guide to DOG Health” as a comment backlink.

Comment backlinks can be helpful only if built with high authority websites having excellent traffic and must be relevant to the website.

First, check the website’s spam score and backlinks profile, then build comment backlinks on that website.

.edu backlinks are mostly built as comment backlinks.Edu backlinks can be used to improve website authority.

You can build 1-2 comment backlinks daily to get the desired result for a new website for faster indexing.
We had discussed how we could effectively do link building; now, we will discuss all types of backlinks with their benefits and when to use them.

Now you have general information on backlinks or link building. Further, we discuss some strategies for how to create backlinks or create quality links.

Different Types Of Backlinks You Can Build

1.Guest Post Links

When you write an article or submit a blog post to other websites, links are obtained from this guest blogging called guest post links.

As we discussed, these links are beneficial to drive referral traffic to the website.

2.EDU Backlinks

Hyperlinks from .edu domains or educational websites are called EDU backlinks. This type of link has high authority.

Edu backlinks can improve your website’s authority, You can build a few edu backlinks over 6-12 months of your SEO campaign for best results.

3. PDF and PPT submission link

These links are obtained from media assets like PDF or PowerPoint documents. For example, submitting a PDF on Slideshare will generate a PDF or PPT submission link.  Note that your document should contain hyperlinks.

This backlink is also helpful in giving more information to users; this can be built if you have high-quality content and infographics.

4. Comment Backlinks
Writting comments, submitting reviews or answering questions on different websites will generate comment backlinks. 

As we have discussed, comment backlinks also generate referral traffic.

5. Redirect Links

When the user clicks on the link, it will redirect the user to another link instead of the target url is called the redirect link.
For broken link-building redirect links used or to improve Moz DA, these backlinks are used.

I did not recommend redirecting links. This will harm your SEO strategy. Avoid these types of connections. If your backlinks have a 301 HTTP status code, it is a redirect link.

6. Profile Backlinks

When you list your website link in business listing directories or create your company profile on other websites, it is called profile backlinks.

As we discussed earlier, these types of backlinks give a base to your link-building strategy.

7. Wiki Backlinks

When you submit any information or change any details in Wikipedia, it gives Wiki backlinks.

These backlinks are good for SEO ranking because the WIKI domain has high authoritativeness and aged parts.

8. Web 2.0 Backlinks

These types of links generated from subdomains are called web 2.0 backlinks.

You get benefits from these link-only subdomains that have good backlinks profiles.

9. Sponsored Backlinks

A link containing an HTML attribute rel=” sponsored” is called a sponsored link. When you advertise on other websites, this type of backlinks is generated.

This is similar to a paid guest post.

10. Contextual Backlinks

A hyperlink from anchor text with suitable content is called a contextual backlink. This is similar to guest post links.

Contextual backlinks give search engines an idea about what type of website content is. 

With proper anchor text optimization, these backlinks give a lot of benefits for SEO.

Now you have general information on backlinks types and link building. 

Now We will See Which Type Of Backlinks We Should have To Avoid.

Backlinks from SEO B2B Platforms

Sometimes, when you buy backlinks from Fiverr or any other SEO service platform – Many users claim that they build white hat SEO backlinks.

Now, we have explored many profiles and ordered sample backlinks to our blog website, which adversely affects our website’s SEO.

Most of the sellers from Fiverr sold only web 2.0 backlinks with less authority on the website. 

Only a few users have good-quality websites and guest posting services. 

So, if you want to buy backlinks from Fiverr, please check the website’s traffic using Neil Patel’s free tool, Ubersuggest, and the number of backlinks on the website. A spam score must be less than ten preferred.

Don’t Focus on Backlinks Number Focus on Quality Of Backlinks.

Do not buy backlinks in a vast amount in a short time; instead, prefer quality backlinks for your website.

Do not buy backlinks from irrelevant websites.

Backlinks from irrelevant websites can harm your SEO. Try to find relevant websites for link building.

Don’t Use ChatGPT or Any Other AI Content Directly

dont use ai content for SEO

ChatGPT has a large amount of data, but when it comes to content writing on websites, AI tools still need some improvement. 

I suggest you use AI tools as a reference only. Make modifications and add your expertise to content generated by AI tools.

Don’t Build Backlinks from Only .Com Domains

Maintain your backlinks from all famous domains like .com, .us, .in, .net,, etc. This will help you drive traffic all over the world.

Don’t Build Multiple Backlinks from the Same Domain

You can build a few backlinks from the same domain, but don’t create too many backlinks from the same domain.

Link Building Strategy for a few keyword ranking

Link building Strategy

Now, I will tell you some techniques to plan your link-building campaign and get perfect SEO results.

We have used this approach for more than 100+ projects, and we have identified standard valuable techniques to build links for success.

Following this approach and regularly adding quality content to your website will help your website to grow. 

This time schedule for link building is for 10-20 keywords only; for too many keywords, please contact us for a proven backlinks strategy.


Time Duration Backlink Schedule 
1-3 Months
  • Daily 3-4 profile and comment backlinks
  • Once a week, do guest posting
  • backlinks per month (90+ DR)
  • 4-5 (PDF and PPT submissions) per month
  • 3-5 Wiki backlinks per month
  • SEO audit twice a month
  • Add 3-5 valuable blogs on a website per month
  • Remove all SEO errors on the website
  • Remove duplicate content on the website
  • Work on site speed improvement
  • Improve good urls ratio in GSC (Google Search Console)
  • Complete all on-page SEO tasks
3-6 Months
  • Find top search queries with the help of the Google search console
  • Add new keywords for your backlinks plan according to leading search queries in the GSC report
  • Repeat all 1-3 month strategy for new keywords
  • For keywords between 50-100 positions, buy or create 4-5 backlinks daily.
  • For keywords between 20-50 positions, made 2-3 backlinks per day
  • For keywords between 1-10 positions, complete 5-10 backlinks per month, but all backlinks must have 70-90+ DR

(Guest Posting Preferable)

6-12 months
  • Repeat all steps for both new and ranked keywords


Approximate for a medium competition website, you will get the best SEO results within 6-12 months of your link-building timeframe.

Some Popular Link Building Tools 

Now, we will discuss some popular tools you must have for your website’s link-building campaign.

This SEO tool was developed by SEO expert and digital marketer Neil Patel. 

What I love about this tool is the price with all the required SEO tools.

This tool has keyword research, website SEO audit, traffic estimation, backlinks report, and AI tools for keyword research.

You will get everything required for link building at the best price.

Ahrefs offers tools like site explorer, keyword rank tracker, link building tools, site audit, keyword explorer, competitor analysis, and content explorer.

This tool is perfect for SEO agencies for many projects and websites. For small use or a single website, this tool is costly as compared to ubersuggest.

The most unique thing about ahrefs is its crawler. It has been the best crawler after Google bots. So, for data analysis, this tool is the perfect choice.

Semrush offers many tools for SEO, Google Ads, social media, competitor analysis, and marketing.

Semrush is used for Competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, backlink analysis, advertising tools, Content Marketing Toolkit, historical data, multi-location, and device tracking.

This is an excellent choice if you want everything covered for your website’s SEO, social media, and advertising.

The most unique fact about this SEO tool is it is free and Google-made for website SEO. 

If you have some knowledge of GSC (Google Search Console), then you don’t need to buy additional SEO-paid tools. 

Since the data of GSC is accurate and well formatted, you can track keyword ranking with impressions and clicks.

You can also see links to websites, SEO errors, website experience, and much more. GSC also tells you some required steps for your low-performing web pages.

GSC’s limitation is that you can not do competitor website analysis.

So, according to my suggestion, if you want to do SEO or link building for only one website, then Google Search Console and Ubbersuggest are great choices.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Link building is a difficult task but possible. With proper steps, you can build many quality backlinks on a budget. Link building is still an important factor in SEO. 

Only build quality backlinks and try to avoid black hat backlinks. Link building is a long-term task. You must have proper planning and patience for the results. Don’t waste your money on cheap backlinks providers and sellers on different platforms like Fiverr

If you have some knowledge of Google Search Console and Google Keyword Planner, then there is no need to buy expensive SEO tools when you have a low budget. You can still achieve your excellent SEO ranking. 

Write good quality content for best SEO results

The final tip for exceptional link building is “Continuous Create Quality Content On Website.” Without having quality content, there is no effect of link building. Try to add some valuable information to the website. 

Thank you for the time to read my blog. Please comment below if you have any questions related to link building. I will answer your questions.

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